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Canvas mix recommendations

Canvas how to build a line, put out their own style the most important, and jeans are the most secure, no matter how incongruous, contradictions can also create a sense of beauty. Black canvas shoes with the most convenient, just equipped with pretty, casual clothes can be worn with, Cowboys can be, Black canvas super good with, in summer, you can t shirts above, following a pair of jeans (shorts, Capris can), also can be worn with denim pants to wear in autumn and winter. Black canvas goes well with is wild color, no matter what clothes to match. Do not pick the color. As long as you don't mix dress can be.

Conflicting romantic: girls spring/summer essential chiffon dresses, with sneakers, lively style back to the neutral route, with bright and colorful tights or half-stockings have a finishing touch effect.

Urban yuppies: a crisp suit and leather shoes, especially in the dark, like the old is better.

Casual denim: canvas shoes and jeans are the best, especially the small narrow tube straight jeans.

Pretty sports girls Pocket dress equipped with high or very high boots canvas shoes, but people wear, slim long legs the most suited.

How to build a line of sneakers, the only taboo is baggy pants, Sneakers Shoes narrow, flat, can't afford Visual baggy pants almost fell, but top-heavy like bound feet.

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