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Canvas shoes and maintenance methods

Shoes soaked with warm water, not for a long time. If possible put a little bit of vinegar (preferably white vinegar).

Use SOAP or washing powder shoe, it is best to use a soft brush.

Be sure to rinse well, especially when using detergent cleaning shoes, brush the shoe better to soak for a while.

Wrapped in toilet paper to shoes, you want to let the cloth wrapped in toilet paper and put it into a cool dry

After cleaning ventilation the shade to dry naturally, do not put baking Sun prolonged sun exposure or high temperature place, in case the glue or back, and accelerated aging.

Non-professional work boots do not and acid, alkali, salt, and other chemicals, from degumming of corrosion and deformation.

Cleaning hard and evenly, not violently brush, so as to avoid short or brush off the shoe pattern and decoration parts.

Avoid contact with the sharp, pointed objects, to prevent scratching the cut vamp shoes.

White canvas shoes, not hard cleaning items such as contact with the carbon ink. The canvas of this color after cleaning, in the upper, the shoes are coated with white chalk or toothpaste powder, attention should be uniform. Dry it after washing to prevent discoloration. Or find two white clean sheets kept in shoe body surface after drying tear against discoloration.

There shoes break, dropped or decorative loosening minor defects should be repaired in time to prolong its service life.

For Athlete’s foot friends, in front of the shoe to shoe spray vinegar, can reduce the smell. Shoes should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew smell.

Do not use washing machine, some people think that canvas fold resistance, low price, too lazy to hand wash. But the shoe fabrics and shoes are not the same, using the washing machine is very easy to fall off the fading.

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