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Canvas shoes history

Canvas shoe wear, whether traveling or playing sports, it will be one of the best choices.

Wear a pair of lively, witty, brightly colored canvas casual shoes, easily walk in the fragrance of grain, Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant red nature of arms, it is very beautiful to enjoy.

Canvas shoes become the darling of the trend, manufacturers are also playing more canvas pattern. Retro, sports, gorgeous, heavy metal, rock, horsehair, leather, denim, no matter what kind of changes, wear canvas shoes, undress and let it become a trend of the must-have items. Canvas shoes take a pair of jeans is always the truth, take the pencil pants and no problems, even suit up, that's yuppie favorite style. Canvas is a full of spiritual energy, to attack tension "weapon", rubber-soled canvas shoes is a kind of "media", can help people to find friends. Canvas is not only the embodiment of cultural tension and extension of life symbol.

Sneakers in China has a long history, from the earliest form of canvas liberation shoes canvas shoes, to today's mini-painted canvas shoes, sports and leisure shoes, high shoes, technology is quite mature, production is also very big. Canvas shoes are produced in China each year accounted for more than half of global output.

Canvas sneaker has a long history. As early as in the 16th century, the ordinary people of Europe to make a canvas shoe-like "felt shoes." Many of the 19th century, the European general public, has started to wear, canvas fabric rubber-soled shoes. But has its characteristics of natural rubber, soft is too soft in hot weather, cold weather hard crack.

Modern industrial mass production is made of canvas rubber sole shoes, and United States inventor, Goodyear, in 1839 and many other master technicians, workers, common made "Vulcanized rubber handler", the hardening of natural rubber, which will allow the canvas to more affordable, people can be more affordable.

In the 1960 of the 20th century, the cheap and rugged canvas shoes and jeans, became a symbol of teenage rebellion and the hippie spirit. In the classic movie the graduate, people remember that in addition to Simon and Garfunkel the sound of silence of the band, is Dustin Hoffman's pair of light brown canvas sneakers on his feet. The Beatles (the Beatles band) appeared in the film yellow submarine, is to let designers find inspiration, started doodling on the canvas shoes. Vamp into a canvas, with design elements, canvas shoes at once turn from moving equipment into a work of art.

Later, China's double star, pull back and all the brands of canvas shoes have also made a very good development. Quality and stability.

Until the 20th century 70 's and 80 's recovery after World War II climbed on top, all kinds of sports development, canvas shoes hot tempered. Because of this, 20th century 60-80 's established sneaker manufacturers, some of the popular shoes also have sneakers, include: Bonny, Vance, etc, each different Logo symbol printed on the surface of the shoe. Early 21st century retro hot brand revival or a price rise. Add fashion designer to the elements, is the most personalized of popular taste, canvas shoes are no longer just "canvas" shoes, horse hair, leather, suede, denim danningbu, corduroy and so are used to