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Canvas shoes shopping skills do you know

Buy canvas shoes best choose regular manufacturers or major manufacturers products. Manufacturers pay more attention to reputation, good technology, the selected material is relatively good. Packing shoe boxes marked formal manufacturers generally have sizes, colours, materials, manufacturers phones, and its quality standards, the box also very elegant.

When choosing a canvas upper, canvas shoes, as the name suggests, uppers are made of canvas. When you purchase depends on the uppers to the arc are normal, whether the two shoes on line, there is no color, different parts of the upper seam stitching is uniform and neat. There is no break, jump PIN. Colors are the same. From the heel of the shoe soles and body vertical, lace holes around there is no skew, for symmetry. Shoe upper pattern, text, clear, solid paste or sew decorative icons.

Also check the soles, shoe rubber outsole. Soles wear out, skid resistance, and there was light. So when you purchase depends on the soles non-slip stripes are clear, there are glue-free defects, striation spacing is uniform, the same material of the shoe color is consistent and that it has no pores or blistering.

Finally, check that the bottom, touch to the end of the soft, elastic printing of trademarks should be clear. Watch rubber bonded parts. See if there are small plastic points, bubbles. Contrast his shoes on the floor. Check the site colors, patterns, Gao Di, length and width are the same.