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In winter, how to match casual shoes

Wear comfortable and stylish shoes is what? Not feminine high heels but put down your heel, but still beautiful and stylish ladies casual shoes. When it comes to casual shoes, gives the first impression is "comfortable" Word. Indeed, than the beautiful 7CM, 5CM able, wearing 1CM shoes for feet can be regarded as a kind of enjoyment. But most of the people think that shoes should be the tall girl's patent. In fact, if we can find match points, who can wear casual shoes elegant and sweet. Will study shoes that match skills.

Casual shoes matching method

Casual shoes can be paired with casual or simple style of clothing. If matching skinny jeans are "boom", with a flowing skirt is really refreshing.

Casual shoes matching method

If you have beautiful ankle, smooth skin, do not save, show it. Roll up your pant leg, came a crowd, shiny round head shoe will attract attention. And moderate degree of skin, can pull the lower half of the Visual effects make up the wearer's lack of height.

Casual shoes matching method

Nine points when jeans paired with women's casual shoes, note that the jeans must be tight-fitting, without complicated decoration, a loose knit is a good choice.

Casual shoes matching method

Casual shoes + mini, fresh, just like going back to my school days. Jeans and casual shoes casual complement each other. If you have a pair of legs, it couldn't be better. If not, refer to the below picture to go with it. Super short denim skirt and Velcro front shoe, revealing a wide range of leg, you can shift the Visual, makes you look slim. Move the HASP to maintain visual continuity, small bow adds to the whole body and matching cute.