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Maintenance method for casual shoes

1. To buy suitable footwear maintenance and use;

2. After upper dirty, use a soft cloth, gently wipe with water or detergent. And let the shoes air dry. Special upper humidity, should be placed in the shade to dry shoes. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature baking to prevent aging, deformation and fade.

3. Avoid contact with sharp-edged chemical.

4. Casual shoes and sandals are not suitable for intense exercise.

5. Maintaining more than two pairs of shoes to shoes that can be replaced in turn rest.

6. Cloth shoe can be regularly sprayed with water and oil repellent spray to keep upper. To prevent infiltration of sand inside.

Sports shoes shoes dedicated and some shoes are casual footwear, are not suitable for intense exercise. Avoid: using hair brush to clean uppers; use inferior shoe Polish, often soaked in water of inferior shoe Polish, Sun, fire, makes shoes deformation and surface faults and open. As long as the intention of sports shoes is also very easy to maintenance.

Special notice for maintenance and use of leather shoes

1. Frosted, Jing skin, brown skin and other painted skin and avoid wet shoe, boot Polish or white rubber, gently wipe the stain, stain skin discoloration is normal, and should avoid wearing light colored socks.

2. Velvet material should also avoid wet and stained with shoe Polish, use soft brush to clean.

3. Leather shoes, open shoes are not available boot Polish or shoe cleaning and maintenance, only with a dry, soft cloth to wipe dirt.

Really shoes surface of shoes should removed dust Hou playing shoe polish to guarantee leather flexible sex, white soft leather with white liquid shoe Polish, should not be using cream-like shoe Polish, colored leather available and skin color consistent of cream-like or liquid shoe Polish; artificial leather class of shoes available water scrub, cleaning Hou will upper wipe dry; mill sand leather of shoes available hair brush will upper dust Shun same direction brush NET can.

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