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Washing method for casual shoes

1, separate the shoes and laces with neutral SOAP and washing powder. Washed out shoe insoles, gently scrub with a soft brush, then rinse.

2, the shoe toe facing down in dry and ventilated place.

3 when dry, shoes, shoe would help the shoes back into shape; or newspaper stuffed in a shoe. Newspapers have the double benefit of efficacy can not only help to regain their shape and can rapidly absorb moisture in the shoe.

4, a shoe head shoe wall, ventilated place to dry at room temperature, it prevents water immersion in the bottom foam material. (Because the foam is not easy to do, it is recommended that do not put your wet shoes. )

5, shoes dry after newspapers out let shoes dry for a while.

6, excessive sun, hair dryer, hot air and improper care will reduce the life of the shoe.

Trained athletes every day, be prepared more than two pairs of sports shoes, in order to replace every day.

Before wearing the shoes, the best placed in a ventilated place so that shoes have had plenty of time to blow dry.

Athletes or sports enthusiasts often buy sport shoes. To prolong the life of the shoes, washing as little as possible.

Running shoes and nylon mesh fabric and artificial are relatively easy to maintain, hand wash with water, it is best not to use the washing machine or soaked in water.