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Advantages Of Canvas Material

Advantages of Canvas Material

Canvas Material: foam Canvas Material is a kind of high performance of buffer material, the foaming process, slice are countless hole shape synthetic sponge, to make it with the permeability of high strength (permeability), and it itself has strong water absorption properties. In Italy, the United States, Spain and other industry developed in Europe, have been applied in the shoe and sporting goods industry.

Canvas Material has: environmental protection, absorb sweat, no odor, high temperature resistant, high rebound deformation (never), has excellent impact resistance, absorbent and the characteristics of high permeability, etc, is unmatched by traditional EVA/back in rubber shoes material. The production scope: thickness: 1 mm - 10 mm, hardness: 5-35 degrees, width: 36 inches - 72 inches, non-toxic pollution-free and biodegradable.

Canvas shoes material has been gradually used by major high-grade shoe factory, mainly suitable for all kinds of casual shoes, it has very high permeability, high strength, environmental protection, etc. Suitable for footwear, sporting goods and other fields, the product is coil packaging, can be customized various color, thickness, density, soft hardness). As a super performance of the natural latex processed products, the chemical composition of Canvas Material does not contain harmful to human body, the products comply with the eu RoHS environmental protection requirements, and the material itself sulfide can biodegradation by oneself, will not cause any pollution to the environment, and so on.

Canvas Material (Latex terms) is made of natural Latex and synthetic rubber of the use of special foaming craft Foam out of a high-performance buffer sponge material, the product has light weight, breathable absorbent, soft and comfortable, high temperature resistant, high resilience, deodorization etc. Characteristics. In the compression permanent deformation at the same time also has excellent resistance to impact and absorbency and high permeability, and volatile, hygroscopicity and self is the only truly breathing in the foaming material of a material.

The main purpose of Canvas Material: shoe making process (bottom mat, heel, high and low roll mouth, shoe waist cushion, shoe tongue, shoe and cotton shoe interlayer); The interlayer material of bag and carpet; Football gloves and yoga MATS and belt belts for sports equipment; Furniture sofa mattress and pillow; Cosmetic cotton and powder for cosmetic products; Seal materials for carving; Electronic mouse pad and electronic gasket.

Canvas Material is made by a high function of buffer material, selection of foaming process to produce, it is of cellular sheet sponge, to make it with the permeability of high strength (permeability), and it itself has strong water absorption properties. In Italy, the United States, Spain and other shoe industry prosperous Europe, have long been used in the shoe and sporting goods industry.