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Analysis Of The Use Of Canvas Material In Our Lives Are Those

Analysis of the use of Canvas Material in our lives are those
Canvas Material custom tells, although the modern people invented a lot of different materials, but the Canvas Material in our lives and did not disappear, but with the modern pursuit of the United States is getting higher and higher, the requirements of comfort is also very High, so the Canvas Material in our lives constantly popular to open. So what are the items in our frontal life made of Canvas Material, Canvas Material in our lives what are the different uses of it, let Xiaobian today to lead you into the Canvas Material world, let Let's take a look at the use of Canvas Material in life.
Canvas Material custom made in our lives Canvas Material used in the most common place is the Canvas Material shoes, we can in many stores and online can see the place where the canvas shoes, and in the street, whether those Like the movement of children or like fashionable young people, we can see them often wear a pair of canvas shoes. Canvas made of shoes is the most common Canvas Material in our lives. But the place where we can use Canvas Material in life is not just canvas shoes, there are some canvas made of bags and clothes, made of canvas made of bags are those who seek sports and like leisure in the daily life In the indispensable material of a bag. Canvas Material can be made in addition to these clothes good shoes and hats, but also can be made into some special special use of goods.
Canvas Material custom production Canvas Material in my life Canvas Material shoes is a leisure time to make up the lack of the same items, because this kind of shoes compared to other types of shoes a little more comfortable, we wear canvas shoes regardless How long will it take or how long our feet will not feel pain. Canvas Material shoes is our life the most important Canvas Material of the finished product, I believe that love sports you have a pair of beautiful comfortable canvas shoes it.
Canvas Material production process there are two, one is the horizontal machine mechanical production, is the kind of heavy-duty large cylinder, put the sheet into the material and then put out on the leather belt, pressed through the bottom of the heavy cylinder, And then pull the dryer drying, and then trimming, sub-circle, packaging. One is the vertical machine machinery production, the cloth straight into the raw material box pulled out, on the sheet of adhesive material is high purity PVC material, and then both sides have been straightened through the knife with a knife, with a knife scraping After drying machine drying, trimming, sub-circle, packaging. There are two kinds of dryers, one is to use electric, one is the boiler. Horizontal machine production of PVC Canvas Material than the vertical production of PVC Canvas Material is cheaper, because the horizontal machine in the production of raw materials on the requirements than the vertical production of raw materials to low, horizontal machine production can be what kind of Of the rubber can be put up to suppress, but the vertical machine production can not, and the requirements of raw materials, raw materials must be a certain degree of purity. Canvas Material custom analysis is often vertical production of PVC Canvas Material to be slightly expensive, Canvas Material product purity is also high.
Canvas Material package if not contaminated with any special stains, you can directly put the entire package in the water, with a brush to clean, but there are obvious stains on the need to local cleaning friends. Such as packets stained with grease, you can use detergent to clean. To thoroughly clean the time to use a soft brush to wash, thoroughly rinse! In addition, if you fear the package fade, you can add some salt or white vinegar in the water, then the package immersed for about thirty minutes, and then clean can be, this method can effectively prevent fading. Canvas bag after cleaning should also pay attention to a very important point is that the edge of the bag by hand to support it up, the package plane to produce some wrinkles can be used with both hands to seize the two sides to force it Look, this will package will be more smooth, so dry after the edge of the package will be very full of the corner, the back will not have a dry phenomenon, more able to reflect the back of the Canvas Material free and free.