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Canvas Material Use Precautions

Canvas Material use precautions
    Canvas Material application is more extensive, whether it is civilian, manufacturers or camping tents and other use, are everywhere to see. As a young man, we all like to travel abroad, the use of this tent is more obvious. Tank Canvas Material can not use the washing machine cleaning, water can be washed, hand and other washing methods, Canvas Material using non-alkaline cleaning agent, placed after the ventilation place it dry, demolition of the storage bag into a dry, cool place , The tent should not be folded regularly, because many times after the use of tents, folding too regular will make crease hardening cracks. But in the use of time, we need to pay attention to some problems in order to better use the tent.
    When you want to choose the right camp, you should try to camp on the hard and flat ground, do not camp on the river bank and the dry river bed; the entrance of the tent should be leeward, the four corners should be pressed with heavy objects;
In the sleep should try to sleep in the middle of the tent, not close to the edge of the tent position, so as to avoid sleeping bags were wet;
    When the next nail, it is best to be able to first under the tent of the two diagonals, the next two diagonally;
When collecting tents, need to pay attention to the tent inside the sand debris clean, tents bags, pens bags, nail bags have to close, so as not to lose.
    Canvas Material texture is hard, wind and water waterproof performance is better, so use a long time. But this also requires the user to pay attention to when used, for example, after the first need to clean the Canvas Material above the dirt, and then placed in a cool ventilated place, as far as possible away from the corrosive items, and remember not to be heavy objects to suppress.
    High quality use and maintenance can extend the life of Canvas Material, for you to reduce unnecessary expenses and waste.
    Select the Canvas Material mainly depends on what conditions to use it. Canvas Material is mainly applied to three purposes: First, leisure, no bottom, the material is not much demand, easy to carry, mainly beach and other recreational places shade, temporary rest; Second, the general field with Canvas Material, the bottom, material requirements Relatively high, made of fiberglass bar, light and easy to carry. Third, the mountain with a special Canvas Material, camp column made of aluminum alloy, Canvas Material outer tear and so on. We usually choose the second.
General two accounts is the most commonly used Canvas Material, because good to carry, even if three or single can live. Canvas Material color is best to choose warm colors such as yellow, orange, or red, when you can not move when the conspicuous color easy to distinguish. Canvas Material needs to have enough cooking space between the internal and external accounts, the general Canvas Material single space is in the seventeen to twenty square feet. The double pole is usually relatively strong, but it is not easy to build camps in strong winds. Canvas Material can not be washed with a washing machine. The pillars of the pillars must be separated from the bill, to avoid poking the cloth, storage Canvas Material, the wet Canvas Material must be spread out dry and then received, even if the climbing process is not wet but the climbers of the climbers will make moisture gathered in Canvas Material, so the best spread out erection, dry for a period of time before the harvest, Canvas Material to regular folding, because the use of Canvas Material more times, folding too regular tartar will make the crevice hardening collapse. Canvas Material breathable material is good, the tent will not change due to external temperature and ice or water droplets. Compared with the general tents, new tents more solid. The tents of the military tents are two hundred and fifty Newtons, and the new tents are three hundred Newtons.
    From the Canvas Material manufacturers use the Canvas Material on the name of the point of view, already know that this is a shade products used in the outside. The market has a lot of Canvas Material manufacturers can use the production of Canvas Material products, innovative design and a variety of colors, there are many uses. Shade, wind and sand, rain and wind, whether in the building to install, or in the bike, motorcycle installation is very appropriate. In this way, the ordinary electric car can enjoy the stylish style of the car. In addition to the technical innovation, the main use of a special composite material production. Canvas Material late use effect, and the production of fabric is a great relationship. Therefore, in the purchase of Canvas Material manufacturers to use the Canvas Material, we must first communicate with the supplier. If it is the domestic Canvas Material, usually life expectancy in two or three years. And if it is a foreign brand fabric, then life can reach eight years.