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Children's Shoes Are Actually On The Age Of The Points

 Kids Shoes Children's shoes are actually on the age of points such as: baby starting shoes (15 months ago), children's school shoes (15 months to 24 months), children's steady shoes (24 months later). Children's shoes is the most important thing is to protect the baby's soft little feet, while helping the baby to grow healthy. Children's shoes are designed to strengthen the arc to protect the baby toes; outsole light, non-slip, to strengthen the sense of foot and foot, to enhance the balance of the baby standing

  What is children's shoes:

  That is, 0-12 year-old children to wear shoes, the concept by the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Professor Gong Taisheng proposed.

  Children's shoes are designed specifically for people of this age, and according to the age of the child's foot development and development characteristics designed for them wearing shoes, mainly baby shoes, shoes, school shoes and steady shoes, children's shoes pay attention Lightweight. Breathable, comfortable, suitable for healthy foot growth and other characteristics. Children's shoes not only in the performance of a very high demand (such as: stabilize the calcaneus, protect the ankle, with a strong wear resistance, slip resistance, but also to ensure greater comfort), but also in color, Of the application, for the study of children's foot type up and down enough effort.

  (1) to adapt to age

  Age: 0-4 years old

  Segment: 22--28 #

  Foot length: 50mm - 175mm

  (2) material characteristics

  Environmental protection materials, non-toxic chemical substances, non-heavy metal tannins leather, environmental protection PU, natural cotton mesh, etc., must have ventilation, antibacterial, environmental protection, not fade, soft, easy to clean and other characteristics.

  (3) color characteristics

  Children in the steady state of all the new things in nature have maintained a strong curiosity, they are good at imitation, for the exploration, especially the sensitivity of the color is adults can not match, so children's shoes on the choice of color is very elegant The Common colors such as: red, pink, pink, dark blue, brown, beige, brown, khaki, etc .; with soft and playful, so that shoes are more rhythmic and sporty.


  Kids Shoes 0 to 12 years old children in a steady stage, feet for a long time to bear the weight of the pressure, coupled with the foot has a thick fat cover the arch, making the risk of foot disease increased, easy to form a more obvious heel, Turn, flat feet, high bow feet and X-shaped legs. Professor bow suggested that this period of children wearing professional brand children's shoes.

  Children's shoes is the biggest feature of the shoes to help a 50 degrees behind the heel, so you can guarantee that the port after the bear force is greater than the baby's foot when the deformation of the torque, the baby's foot development will play a role in the amendment , To further control heel valgus, varus; moderate foot pad supporting the child's arch, reduce fatigue, effectively prevent the flat foot, high arch foot incidence; soles to be easy to twists and turns, help with children start, Department of fatigue.

  Eight characteristics

  (1) breathable, sterilization - active function insoles, antibacterial, breathable, easy to clean;

  (2) toe, non-slip - toe arc design to strengthen the protection of the baby toes, at the end of light, non-slip, enhance the sense of end of the ground to enhance the balance of the baby standing;

  (3) health - imported non-toxic materials, natural cotton mesh, no toxic chemicals, no smell, environmental protection;

  (4) easy to walk - to prevent heel valgus, varus, conducive to develop the baby's correct walking posture, reduce fatigue;

  (5) Light - the bottom of the palm of the physical design of the arc, to help the baby start;

  (6) safety - environmental safety, reinforcement in the tube with the design, stable ankle, to ensure that the baby ankle is not sprained;

  (7) correction - in line with the Chinese children's foot type, correct deformation of children's foot type, to ensure the health of the baby's feet;

  (8) anti-skid, shock absorption --- protect the baby is not easy to fall, 3D curve stereotypes function insoles support arch, buffer baby in the running, jumping in the foot pressure to prevent the brain's shock.

  (9) soft --- with excellent air permeability; large end of the use of natural rubber, moderate hardness, natural comfort, wear resistance. Combined with ergonomic use of functional bending groove design, fit walking gait, effective protection of the foot.