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For Canvas Material Industry, How To Achieve Internet ?

For Canvas Material industry, how to achieve Internet +?

"Internet plus" is the new form of Internet development under innovation 2.0, which is the evolution of Internet form and the new form of economic and social development that is driven by the innovation 2.0 of intellectual society. "Internet +" is the Internet thinking further practice achievement, promote economic form has the evolution unceasingly, thus promote the vitality of social economic entity, to reform, innovation and development to provide broad network platform.

+ "popular," the Internet is the "Internet + various traditional industry", but this is not a simple combination, but the use of information communication technology and the Internet platform, the Internet and traditional industries to depth of fusion, create new development. It represents a new social form, that is, make full use of the Internet in the allocation of social resources optimization and integration, incorporates the depth of the innovation of the Internet in economic and social each domain, improve the creativity and productivity of the whole society, the formation of a wider range of internet-based facility and realize the economic development of tools for new form.

So for the Canvas Material industry, can the Internet +?

Long before the Internet + proposed, Canvas Material industry has launched a pre-emptive strike, than the Internet market, rapidly in taobao, Tmall, jingdong platform quickly occupied a place, the birth of the Internet platform, to the very small, medium-sized enterprises has brought the development opportunity, Canvas Material and the most famous wenzhou Canvas Material, the great part, areas belong to the shoe factory in wenzhou manufacturing Canvas Material production.

In 2015, many famous Canvas Material factory closed, Canvas Material market solar terms has been most stores are still closed, and is a vast expanse of close, all these phenomena is normal. Once dongguan, wenzhou, guangzhou and other "Canvas Material world factory" already brilliant no longer, then what is the reason behind it?

Analysis seem to cannot leave these reasons: 1, imitation, ensuring product competitiveness, the 2, casual, on the development of 3, extensive management, (4), construction of humble, 5, personnel on the backward, and 6, the lack of strategic, 7, tactical confusion, conservative, in the August, thinking of 9, the innovation on mediocrity.

In addition to the fact that the so-and-so factory has defaulted on its payments, there may also be speculation that the industry's current decline is partly due to the impact of e-commerce. Electricity shock indeed cause certain influence to change the whole a downstream market, the traditional marketing channels to online transfer, inventory ready to become a shoe store time bomb, shoe factory sell out naturally even run in arrears.

But it is also an external cause, so the underlying reason for the weakness of the Canvas Material industry is due to the internal decision of the Canvas Material industry itself. Canvas Material industry development over the years accumulated a variety of problems, like a powder keg, electricity is only a spark, the two meet, finally blew up Canvas Material industry crisis this tinderbox, finally.

You know now is the age of the Internet, everyone in the middle of the network, whether you like it or not, whether you admit having, the Internet has changed our life not only, also changed in the world, and changed the industry, we are engaged in business.

For Canvas Material industry, if the Internet is just a brief bubble effect, naturally also let many people doubt whether electricity can be small, as the B2B vertical electrical contractor in 05 years of successful, has to break the people's question. Some doubt whether Canvas Material industry will like plastic, steel, food and so on to realize Internet + transformation, the result also came out, and when someone still debate around the great river north and south China shoes wholesale market will continue to exist, Canvas Material electricity has quietly preparing gather their strength.

When electricity by the potential change of Canvas Material factory sales channels, but also has the Canvas Material industry operation pattern of irreversible change, meaning that rely on channels wholesale, wholesale markets of the intermediate links will be change.