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For The Shoes Material Industry, How To Achieve The Internet +?

For the Shoes Material industry, how to achieve the Internet +?
"Internet +" is the new development of the Internet under the new 2.0, is the knowledge society innovation 2.0 driven by the evolution of the Internet and the birth of its economic and social development of new forms. "Internet +" is the further practice of Internet thinking, to promote the evolution of economic patterns continue to evolve, so as to promote the vitality of social and economic entities, for reform, innovation and development to provide a broad network platform.
In the world, "Internet +" is "Internet + all traditional industries", but this is not a simple sum of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, so that the Internet and the traditional industry in-depth integration, Develop ecology. It represents a new social form, that is, give full play to the Internet in the allocation of social resources in the optimization and integration of the Internet's innovative achievements in the depth of integration in the economic and social areas, to enhance the whole society's innovation and productivity, The broader use of the Internet as a means of infrastructure and the realization of new forms of economic development.
So for the Shoes Material industry, the ability to achieve the Internet +?
As early as the Internet + before the Shoes Material industry has been pre-emptive, the first to enter the Internet market, quickly in Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong platform quickly occupied a place, the birth of these Internet platforms, to a lot of small, medium-sized enterprises brought development Opportunities, Shoes Materials and Wenzhou Shoes Material is the most prestigious, the country a large part of the regional Shoes Material production are Wenzhou Shoes Material factory manufacturing.
2015, many well-known Shoes Material factory have closed, the Shoes Material market has been the majority of gas sales have closed the state, but also large tracts of clearance, these phenomena are already surprising. Once in Dongguan, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other "Shoes Material world factory" has long been brilliant no longer, then the reason behind the end of what?
Analysis seems to be inseparable from these reasons: 1, serious imitation, product competitiveness is not guaranteed, 2, the development of the random, 3, the management of the extensive, 4, the construction of the simple, 5, 6, the lack of strategy, 7, tactical confusion, 8, thinking on the conservative, 9, innovation on the mediocre.
In addition to often heard of a factory and the arrears of money closed down, and perhaps some people speculated that the current decline in the Shoes Material industry is also part of the impact due to the impact of electricity. Electric shock to the real impact on the entire downstream market to change the impact of the traditional marketing channels to the online transfer, the stock at any time to become a Shoes Material store time bomb, Shoes Material factory will naturally be no arrears or even Paolu.
But this is also a top cause, then the cause of the Shoes Material industry downturn is the fundamental reason is due to the Shoes Material industry's own internal decision. Shoes Material industry over the years the development of the accumulation of various problems seems to be a powder keg, electric business is just a spark, the two meet, and finally detonated the Shoes Material industry crisis this gunpowder, and finally out of control.
We know that now is the Internet age, everyone in the network center, whether you like it or not, whether you admit it does not recognize, the Internet not only changed our lives, but also changed the world in mind, and thus changed the industry we are engaged in ,business.
For the Shoes Material industry, the Internet is only a brief bubble effect, naturally, so many people doubt that electricity in the end can not become a climate, with the B2B vertical electricity business in the success of 2005, has broken the people questioned. Some people doubt whether the Shoes Material industry can be like plastic, steel, food, etc. to achieve the same as the Internet + transformation, the results also came out, when someone is still arguing all over the country in the north and south of the Shoes Material wholesale market will continue to exist, Electric business has quietly prepared to accumulate strength.
When the electricity business to Cuikulaxiu change the trend of changing the Shoes Material factory sales channels, in fact, has also been on the Shoes Material industry, the mode of operation brought irreversible changes, that is dependent on the channel wholesale, wholesale market links will be changed.
When the role of traditional channels weakened day by day, high-quality Shoes Materials and finally lost because of the channel, and then lost the buyers, has been the domestic Shoes Material factory can not directly contact with the Shoes Material factory, so not the same manufacturers of the same Shoes Materials Material for quality and price comparison, good products are also easy to be buried, this is the traditional marketing crisis, which is the development of Shoes Material factory in the crisis encountered.