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How Can We Choose Women Shoes To Fit?

Ladies in the selection of Women Shoes must pay attention to why not let go, this pair of shoes to accompany you work. You fool it, it fool your feet There is a way to pick the shoes can not choose the way to choose shoes, shoes can be used to choose the way to choose some occasions shoes. There is a professional Women Shoes is generally not the shoes on the market, these are all professional for a certain industry custom, a pair of good Women Shoes make your work comfortable some.
1, first said that casual shoes and dress shoes is only one step away, but there are still some general rules to follow. Women should not choose bright colors. Occasionally you can choose blue or green shoes, but the standard women's shoes are black, brown and Córdoba leather color. Lace is still a symbol of high quality. A lot of casual shoes decoration is not suitable for your work in the occasion of embellishment.
2, hat-shaped shoes, low-heeled women's shoes or wing-shaped toe of the Oxford-style slippers (a shallow tie with Women Shoes) are elegant appearance of the preferred style. Flat leather slippers (that is not tied with the cover shoes) is not so formal.
3, good skin in the new time will be very hard, need to wear a period of time to be able to become comfortable. But it is worth the price, because they are durable and will not be deformed.
4, the shoes are very wide shoes once became fashionable, but it seems no longer popular in the near future. Thin shoes is always the right choice, but should avoid the mid-80s popular kind of toe look too sharp.
5, like the care of your child as you love the best shoes. Regular repair and oiling. In addition, do not wear when you do not forget to put shoes in the shoe last.
6, belts and Women Shoes match "is still the dress must comply with the principle, and I am afraid that will never change the principle.Although some of the shoes of the style between the formal and leisure, but absolutely can not take them with advanced suits To match.
Women Shoes always tidal, it is easy to cause foot smelly socks smelly, there is the occurrence of beriberi. In general, we are the Women Shoes baked or dry, but these two methods all have some drawbacks, a long time do not say if the leather shoes are easy to damage, more harm than good ah.
The following method is seen from the shoes online, this method can learn from. But the presentation of the shoes is likely to be the leather of the Women Shoes is a women's shoes, men's shoes are generally necessary to increase the number of practical newspapers, this is not for all the shoes.
This method is very practical, but the cloth of the Women Shoes after washing with water, you can use the washing machine to dry in the newspaper or other non-shoes color of the paper to do so. Leather shoes, especially Women Shoes, can often do so, but only for special people, such as feet more likely to sweat people, Women Shoes is generally 3-6 months of practical cycle.
If you need knowledge of the work of women Shoes can refer to, Women Shoes quality identification and Women Shoes maintenance methods.
Removal of Women Shoes odor The most cost-effective way is to use charcoal, charcoal has a strong adsorption, the charcoal into the Women Shoes, not only can absorb Women Shoes moisture, but also absorb the smell of Women Shoes. If the home is not charcoal, you can buy some activated carbon, activated carbon in addition to odor stronger.