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How Different Sneakers Casual Shoes Quality Is Good Or Bad?

In purchase shoes aspects, except appearance outside, to note soles and upper Zhijian of fitting, see glue brush of whether average, generally, see not to glue of traces is work compared fine of, this is compared focused on. If upper of around has is not are shaped of glue traces, work on poor has one points. addition, glue of color should is white transparent of, if is yellow or other color on don't purchase has, some men sneakers factory to reduced cost, using on human harmful of containing three stupid of glue and posted mixture.

Upper materials, everyone can focus on what is the skin. among other men's sneakers, large-area skin of a proportion is very small, with the most is the micro fiber, man-made materials such as PU, these materials on a rainy day with good air permeability relative to leather. so don't focus too much on what skin

For soles, for sneakers of material Basic is Shang EVA,TPR and rubber has, which EVA material most light, soft sex better, most of sneakers are selection EVA soles, but EVA material no what friction sex, go in smooth of ground Shang is easy sliding pour, so general are Shang EVA material Shang added some hard material in most bottom. TPR and rubber are is compared heavy of material, soft sex General, friction is strong, often for shoes and children sneakers in the, EVA TPR TPR and rubber and rubber should not be deformed.