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How Should Different Shoes Material Clean

How should different Shoes Material clean

1. Dry diving suit: when you wear dry diving clothes, your body is completely cut off from the water, and it can be kept warm in your sweater, depending on the water temperature. Must be trained to use, for cold zone diving.

Wet diving suit: this wetsuit is made from foam rubber or nylon cloth and is fitted with the body. Wet diving suits must be fitted to the skin, and the small amount of water entering it is not flowing between the suit and the skin to keep it warm. Dry diving suits are more common in frigid waters.

3. Usually, Shoes Material the water temperature is more than 20 degrees. Wear wet diving suits below 20 degrees; The water temperature is below 10 degrees and you need to wear a dry diving suit.

The main function of the wet suit is to keep warm. It has different thickness and long short sleeves, Shoes Material which can be used in different diving environments. Generally the thinnest from 0.5mm to thicker 10mm. In tropical or subtropical diving, the more commonly used ones are 1 to 3mm. In the cooler water temperature requires a thicker 5mm or more wet clothing. While it may be necessary to consider diving for colder water temperatures, it is necessary to pay attention to the different skills of diving dry clothes, so special training is required.

The wetsuit can keep warm and protect you from scratches and bruises. There are three basic styles: tights, wet wetsuits and dry diving suits. Tights can only be worn in tropical waters, which can protect you from sunburn after water. Wet diving suit is the most common form of diving suits, it has different clipping design and thickness, so within the scope of the water temperature of 10 ℃ to 30 ℃, it can provide the proper insulation effect. Dry diving suits keep you dry and well insulated. It is the best diving suit leisure diving heat preservation, especially diving is useful when the water temperature is less than 10 ℃, but its price is more expensive, and need special instruction when you wearing.

The manufacturer said that the less the water and the outside exchange between the diving suit and the body, the better the thermal effect of the diving suit. By far the most common diving suit fabric has two kinds of nylon and lycra fabric, both in the middle of the fabric cloth is foam rubber, so as long as the same thickness, two kinds of fabrics made of diving suit thermal effect are the same.

1, shoes on the skills to choose air blown film all the shaping skills, choose cross around method in the structure of products, and have enhanced the wire frame, stepped up its pressure resistance, hardness and ball, and make the goods has the characteristics of the under negative pressure, expand its application fields.

2, usually chose Shoes Material mechanical skills, use at the Angle of material, with a solid mold suppression and become, simple appear uneven and explosion, perhaps, the performance is not stable, Shanghai JingNing shock absorber is among the first companies to improve the skills, and have an independent knowledge property right, leading commodity skills, first professional degree, the market share of profession.

The chemical composition of Shoes Material: the polymerization of monomer and emulsion polymerized by chlorbutadiene.

Characteristics and the suitable scale: good weatherability, resistant to ozone aging, self-extinguishing, oil resistance, outstanding after nitrile butadiene rubber, tensile strength, elongation, flexibility is good, but the electrical insulation, storage stability, the use of temperature is 35 ~ 130 ℃.

Because of its own characteristics, the Shoes Material has excellent flexibility, which can be used in general with those that are not fixed to death, and the axial and horizontal requests have a certain displacement center; Elastic section, two flexible connector refers to steel with ultra-high strength, axial displacement is greater than the shoes, but, because of its weight is too big, no lateral displacement, combined with a single equipment bearing construction is difficult, so reduce the use of his size. Each has its own good, the Oxford cloth is relatively advanced, usually used to make clothes, the quotation is more expensive. Canvas is often used for making shoes, which are more flexible than Oxford fabrics. But canvas has vulcanization and activity, the colour of activity is more beautiful with vulcanization, more lustre, the quotation is relative vulcanization is more expensive.