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How To Buy High-quality Canvas Material, Canvas Material Is How To Process From?

How to buy high-quality Canvas Material, Canvas Material is how to process from?
Canvas Material is a thicker cotton fabric or hemp fabric. Originally used for the name of the sail. Generally use more plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, latitude and longitude yarn are used multi-strand line. Canvas Material is usually divided into coarse Canvas Material and fine Canvas Material two categories. In addition, there are rubber Canvas Material, fire, water, radiation with the shielding Canvas Material, paper machine with Canvas Material. With the expansion of the Canvas Material market, Canvas Material products are also uneven, many businesses in the product selection of poor quality materials to the processing, they produce the Canvas Material for the poor substandard goods, consumers are difficult to identify out. Canvas Material products more and more, how do we choose high-quality Canvas Material? Xiao Bian rely on their own experience to tell you how to buy high-quality Canvas Material.
Canvas Material features the following points
1. Category: rough Canvas Material, also known as canopy cloth, commonly used 58 (10 British) 4 to 7 strand thread weaving, fabric firm folding, with good waterproof performance for car transport and open storage As well as wild tents, farm rolling screens, ships, cargo ships and so on.
Fine Canvas Material warp and weft yarn is generally 2 shares 58 to 6 shares 28 (10 British / 2 ~ 21 British / 6), for the production of labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks, and other fabrics.
2. yarn count: yarn branch In short, that is, the degree of yarn thickness, China is currently common or "British" that: one pound (454 grams) weight of cotton yarn (or other ingredients yarn), the length of 840 yards (0.9144 yards / m), the fineness of a yarn. If a pound yarn, its length is 10 × 840 yards, the fineness is 10, the yarn branch of the representation of the British-style symbol is the English letter "S" single yarn that is: 32 single yarn - ----- said: 32S shares of the line is: 32 shares (two and twist) both: 32S / 2,42 3 and twist both: 42S / 3.
3. Density: The fabric density of the fabric can be calculated in metric, which refers to the number of warp and weft yarns in a square inch. Density, direct impact on the appearance of the fabric, feel, thickness, strength, bending resistance, permeability, wear resistance and thermal performance and other physical and mechanical indicators, and he also relates to the cost of the product and the size of the production efficiency.
Product supply sufficient, complete specifications, quality Three Guarantees, according to the customer long and wide custom, and the width of large, processing products can reduce the patchwork to improve the quality, can be used to heat sealing stitching, remove the water leakage worries. And according to user needs to customize the different functions, different colors, different thickness of the product.
We all know Canvas Material is the main feature is waterproof, cloth can also be waterproof? How is this produced?
    Canvas Material is used for waterproof or moisture, moisture and wax on the cloth, that is, Canvas Material, rain cloth. Generally made of polyester fabric material and then made of wax with a waterproof, mildew, dust-proof function of the Canvas Material.
    Canvas Material production process there are two, one is the horizontal machine machinery production, is the kind of heavy-duty large cylinder, put the sheet into the material and then put out on the leather belt, pressed through the heavy cylinder at the bottom of flattening, And then pull the dryer drying, and then trimming, sub-circle, packaging. One is the vertical machine machinery production, pull the cloth straight into the raw material box pull out, on the sheet of glue material is high purity PVC material, and then both sides have been straightened through the knife with a knife, with a knife scraping After drying machine drying, trimming, sub-circle, packaging.
    There are two kinds of dryers, one is to use electric, one is the boiler. Horizontal machine production of PVC coated Canvas Material than the vertical production of PVC coated Canvas Material to be cheaper, because the horizontal machine in the production of raw materials on the requirements than the vertical production of raw materials to low, horizontal machine production What kind of compound can be put up to suppress, but the vertical machine production can not, and the requirements of raw materials, raw materials must be from a certain degree of purity. Often vertical production of PVC Canvas Material to be slightly more expensive, Canvas Material purity of the product is also high