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How To Distinguish Canvas Material Bags And Cotton Bags

How to distinguish Canvas Material bags and cotton bags

Although there is a big difference from the appearance, but many customers in the process of inquiry to us, it is easy to canvas bag and cotton bags confused. Therefore, we need to be a canvas bag and cotton bag to do a detailed description to help those who just contact with such business customers to prepare.

In fact, whether it is canvas bag or cotton bag, we can call it cotton bag, because its raw materials are made of cotton and cotton. However, there is also a very obvious feature, that is, Canvas Material thickness is generally greater than cotton

However, in some of the waiting, the difference between the thickness is not very obvious, such as a 4-Canvas Material, the thickness of the cotton is not much higher, so only from the thickness, sometimes not enough.

We have a way to distinguish Canvas Material and cotton, that is the degree of fiber thickness and the fine surface of the cloth.

Whether it is Canvas Material or cotton cloth, the edge of the cloth is exposed to sand woven fiber, and Canvas Material of the fiber is relatively thick, and cotton cloth sand woven fiber is relatively small, and the general cotton cloth can also cloth material, so its surface Better than the Canvas Material, from this aspect, we can also be a good identification of Canvas Material and cotton.

Finally, the point that: even if the general customer can not accurately distinguish what is the canvas bag and cotton bags, there is no great relationship, because we are generally in advance to provide a color card for customers to choose, after the customer choose a good cloth But also for the customer to make a finished sample for the final confirmation. So, if you really do not understand, but we can still subject to the sample on it.

Canvas Material package how to clean

1, there is a clear stain of the central part of the cleaning ~ metaphor oil can be used to clean detergent!

2, to thoroughly clean the time to use a soft brush to wash, thoroughly rinse!

3, in turn, in the shade sun ~ ~ hey or compare the way to apply Oh!

4, the first water to add some salt or white vinegar, and then immersed in the package about three very bell, to prevent fade, washed on it Oh