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How To Effectively Extend The Life Of Special Material

How to effectively extend the life of Special Material

   Special Material in the production process of the production process has played a waterproof and moisture effect, in the course of the process can withstand the effect of moisture, in the process of making the process can be carried out by the customer's needs of the process design and production, convenient The customer demand for Special Material wholesale performance in the use of the process with resistance to rupture and resistance to the use of the advantages.

 What are the advantages of Special Material wholesale

   Special Material wholesale machinery production process using the production of the convenience of the use of loading and unloading in the use of the process played a friction, anti-aging use of the advantages of the use of fabric in a good anti-hardening effect, in the use of The process has played a convenient processing and high temperature heat of the advantages of the industry has become the industry's continuous improvement of the advantages of raw materials.

  Special Material in the production process used in the production of raw materials in the production of finished products in the semi-finished products in the processing of materials to facilitate the Special Material wholesale molding and shrink fiber has a high anti-mildew properties and convenient In the use of the process can also effectively play a role in preventing the flow of water.

How to prevent Special Material fade it? Below the twill cloth wholesale Xiaobian to give you a detailed introduction.

(1) new Special Material to buy, you can first soaked in salt water (salt as long as you can taste the salty), after a whole day, and then the general method to wash it. As long as the usual washing time, if you can turn out the side of the wrap and then clean the sun, but also to minimize the degree of fade.

(2) the Special Material folded, put in the laundry bag (or use hand wash), cleaning agents please use dishwashing, because the general washing powder is to have a white effect, the ingredients contain a little bleach, So Special Material easy to fade, dishwashing is not containing bleach, in addition to the cleaning effect, the fast to go to the grunge.

(3) Special Material or other dyeing new clothes contain a layer of glue (the taste of new clothes), buy back after you can use white vinegar soaked, you can make the clothes soft, but also to determine the color fade.

This is only in order to achieve the decomposition of fiber bundles into a single fiber, remove the residual impurities in which small, so that the cotton fiber with a single fiber in the state of full mixing, made of uniform sliver to meet the purpose of the process, The following Special Material wholesale Xiaobian to give you a detailed description of the main process of combing.

(1) combing: the cotton or cotton beam for detailed carding, so that it is basically separated into a single fiber state.

(2) impurity removal: continue to remove the remaining in the lap or cotton stream with a small fiber or adhesive strength of relatively strong impurities, so that the impurities in the raw material dropped to about 0.1%.

(3) uniform mixing: the use of carding card clothing "suction", "put" function, to achieve uniform mixing of single fiber state.

(4) into a strip: made in line with certain specifications and weight requirements of the sliver, and a regular circle placed in the sliver tube.

Now on the market of Special Material package is favored by the public, it not only has a beautiful shape, more practical. Now as long as the shopping site to search for Special Material package, you will find: it will be in various forms, the color appears in front of everyone, will make you dazzled? Because the special material itself has a high strength, moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, permeability is very good features, so the practical value of Special Material package is even higher. Most people like leather, artificial leather bag, but for a long time, do you want to change their own bags of life? I believe the exquisite Special Material package, it will bring your life is not the same.