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How To Improve The Anti - Fading Anti - Aging Method Of Jeans Material

How to improve the anti - fading anti - aging method of Jeans Material

  After the fabric industry in the continuous improvement of the development process, the use of Jeans Material in the cotton fabric processing the use of the process of the degree of lubrication can improve the use of skin irritation to reduce the phenomenon of sensitive, for the manual Cleaning or washing machine can reduce the occurrence of fading or fading phenomenon occurs, effectively increasing the use of color dyeing in the fabric of the characteristics of fastening.

  1 The advantages of friction: Jeans Materials in the use of soft fabric processing to prevent the use of cloth cleaning is not perfect enough for the elasticity of the process fabric can be presented in the strong process of fabric use softness and The advantage of affinity, facilitates the use of comfortable soft fabrics to make a variety of clothes or socks fabric.

  2 breathable stability: the use of a variety of textile fabrics can increase the use of fabric in the breathability of the stable use of the washing machine in the mixing process will not occur fluff or fade phenomenon, improved in the resistance Hardened fabric cleaning used to prevent the phenomenon of fading, a variety of layers of fabric technology to produce high water resistance advantages.

  Jeans Material for the protection of the use of furniture in the purchase, played a stable function of the use of ventilation equipment, in a variety of wind and sun use will not occur in the old phenomenon, increased in a strong capacity of the volume The stable function of the fabric improves the use of anti-exposure to reduce the impact of the impact of serious wear and tear of the phenomenon, adding a variety of durable products with high stability and easy to save the characteristics.

 The first point: to reduce the impact of sharp items Damage: Jeans Material in the use of the flow of fabric can increase the ventilation process to reduce the phenomenon of wet appear in a variety of cool places to improve the impact of the items or The corner of the clean dirty phenomenon, increased in the beauty of the maintenance of the feeling.

 The second point: the method of maintenance: after a long period of use in the process to prevent the impact of high temperature impact of the fabric of the situation, an increase of a variety of sharp wear and tear of the seriousness of the impact of a variety of Jeans Material The use of materials to reduce the phenomenon of open sunscreen, improve the use of fabric fabric fabric production of a variety of styles of clothes or bags of production style.

 Jeans Material has become a very common use in the use of fashion in the trend of the times, for the performance of the structure in the use of enhanced waterproof performance advantages of the process to meet the friction in the use of easy to install the main points of the structure, Protects the appearance of rupture in a waterproof system, and facilitates the main points of various functions in the textile material.

   1 for the daily cleaning equipment in the processing function, should not be placed in the sun too high temperature resistance, to be placed in the natural wind environment is large enough to dry, effectively prevent the phenomenon of accelerated aging in the fabric.

  2 should not use the chemical solution for washing: Jeans Materials in the cleaning process should not be used too high, resulting in the cleaning equipment in the shoelace faded serious situation, to meet the invasion of glue to prevent the occurrence of serious damage The phenomenon.

  3 regular cleaning: for the daily cleaning process, Jeans Material effectively reducing the fabric appeared in the phenomenon of serious mold, to strengthen the fabric in the textile to reduce the loose line of the situation, timely inspection.