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Men's Shoes Literally Understood As Men's Shoes

Men Shoes Men's shoes literally understood as men's shoes. Many of the current categories include shoes, suits, casual shoes, sports shoes, running shoes, dance shoes, etc., the main feature of men's shoes is different from the delicate and elegant shoes, men more business, the atmosphere, the leisure side Men's shoes and thousands of styles and types

  Men's shoes are divided into three categories: dress shoes (including quasi-loaded shoes), casual shoes and shoes

  Men's shoes like the design of the former analysis: to shape the masculine male masculinity, reflecting the sense of authority and status of men, men's shoes design to grasp a general rigorous, solemn, noble or tall and rough style, this style Reflected in the shape of shoes, structural style, color, material, accessories, patterns and other elements of modeling, for high-end men's shoes, the superb production process is essential.

  Men's shoes design should be differentiated from age and class, because both men are poor

  Often cause them to make a great difference in the choice of footwear, the root causes of these two factors often make men have different values and aesthetics. Young men are usually strong personality, the pursuit of trendy, avant-garde and unique design of the shoe products, they wear this kind of personality shoes, to prove their own existence, an independent spirit, Of nature.

  Young men of this personality in the pursuit of sports shoes, avant-garde shoes, roller skates and casual shoes and other footwear in the outstanding performance. Therefore, footwear designers in these footwear design and development in addition to the specific function of the design more reasonable and full, in the form of these footwear to do its best to create a unique effect.

  Adult male psychology matures, treat things gradually rational, personality gradually subtle, reflected in the wear of shoes into the pursuit of generous, solemn and comfortable. In addition, adult men on the social status, and the pursuit of power, but also makes the male for many supplies, such as clothing, footwear, cars and other symbolic effects seen relatively heavy, so many adult men meet certain conditions, for many supplies The choice of focus on brand and noble sense to show their status and accomplishment. Therefore, they look at the appearance of the shoes do not pursue excessive trendy, and more to pay attention to their brand, functional, symbolic and comfort.

  Men Shoes Through the above analysis, as a men's shoes designer in the design, it should be the first object to be classified and analyzed, and then according to the specific male consumers, the use of specific purposes and the use of targeted to design and development of new products.

  With the rapid development of today's era, the purpose of wearing shoes and occasions more and more refined, men in different work, life occasions, choose different varieties and styles of footwear. Although the consumer trends and changes in this trend compared with women's shoes is relatively slow, but it has fully demonstrated the future direction of male design, with the new concept of male footwear consumption, the emergence of new fashion, as well as new materials and The use of new technology, men's shoes design will have greater development.

  Dress shoes

  Men are wearing shoes is a common footwear, general and suits and other orthodox clothing match. Men are also known as gentleman shoes, refers to the appearance of solemn appearance, generous, no excessive decoration of the men's shoes (color 71). The most typical of the traditional men's suits is the inner ear-style three-piece leather shoes (Oxford shoes) and the outer ear-style three-piece shoes, with ear buckle shoes (also known as monk shoes Monk) also belong to the footwear. Men's shoes are not limited to the above several styles, some simple and elegant modeling of plain shoes, tongue shoes, front open shoes and "buns" shoes (Mocassin Moccsin) and so can be used as a dress shoes to wear.

  Men Shoes With the development of the times and the production of yuppies, stylized personality of the quasi-regular shoes with the emergence of such shoes in the uphold the traditional dress shoes on the basis of modeling in the pursuit of a personality and its unique taste. The general shape of the last type is not too weird, and sometimes followed suit fashion shoe shape, such as shovel-style, square head type, oblique head type, but in the structural style, material selection, accessories decoration and other aspects of a unique personality the design of. Men wear suits on the one hand is for the specific needs of the occasion, with suits, dress match, on the other hand men choose to wear suits shoes is to show their cultivation and status.

  Therefore, the male dress shoes design must be in the noble, elegant, generous overall style of modeling, and in the product fully demonstrated a fine craft beauty, that must have superb craftsmanship. Men are loaded shoes design features are subtle changes in modeling elements, a smaller range, pay attention to the coordination between the various elements of modeling. High-grade dress shoes design special attention to the selection of high-grade materials, including the upper material, soles materials, accessories and various accessories. In addition, the shoes are designed by the impact of popular fashion (mainly the last type and material used).

  Traditional style three sections of the original style shoes are basically fixed style, stylized, generally not too much of its design changes, such as the length of the Baotou, the length of the length and length of the shoe body have a fixed ratio between the help Drag the foot also has a fixed position and so on. Of course, the above fixed parts of the shape, proportion, location is not absolutely can not be changed, a slight change in design is allowed, such as shoe type (last type) slightly longer, thinning and so on. But the traditional style is almost perfect, it has also formed its aesthetic format, in order to meet the needs of this part of the consumer, the traditional style of three-head dress shoes in the design can be basically the same.