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Men Shoes How To Do Shoes, Small Ways To Remove

Men Shoes will also appear shoes problems, mainly in the high temperature, high humidity, "no see the day" of the feet can only sweat through the sweat, long sweat feet to Men Shoes bring no disaster. You are still men Shoes smell and worry about it 6 big trick, teach you the fastest way to remove Men Shoes odor way!
1 to remove Men Shoes odor The most cost-effective way is to use charcoal, charcoal has a strong adsorption, the charcoal into Men Shoes, not only can absorb Men Shoes moisture, but also absorb the smell of Men Shoes. If the home is not charcoal, you can buy some activated carbon, activated carbon in addition to odor stronger.
2 take a camphor pills, paper towels wrapped and wrapped around a transparent tape, home off Men Shoes can be placed inside Men Shoes, the next day when there is no smell of shoes. But also the camphor pill into powder, sprinkled in the clean shoes, and then pad the insole, so even if the day is not easy to wear a smell.
3 use plants for Men Shoes in addition to smell. Will be lemon slices, orange peel or grapefruit skin on Men Shoes, generally separated by a night after the smell was basically removed, but also in the shoes to leave some fragrance. In addition, Men Shoes do not wear, get the balcony to the sun, both to keep the shoes dry and not smell, but also sterilization Oh.
4 dry tea bag (bubble can also), lime bag (plastic packaging food inside the usual desiccant), and home talcum powder and salt, into the shoes can be removed odor. With soda powder can also remove the Men Shoes odor, but the need for long cycle, the effect is not very obvious, can only play a role in mitigation and inhibition.
5 with alcohol to remove Men Shoes odor. Use ordinary medicinal alcohol, pour some of the water after the dilution, and then you can use a small tool with a spray nozzle and Men Shoes inside the spray, you can also use paper soaked in the shoes inside, in the cool place for half an hour, After Men Shoes no taste. If there is no alcohol, can also use white vinegar, the effect is not bad Oh.
6 with five cents coins to remove shoes smell. In Men Shoes into the three or five coins, after a night later Men Shoes no smell. It is amazing, this is because the five cents coins are rich in copper ions, and copper ions can effectively slow down the breeding of bacteria, Men's smell is sweat caused by bacteria, so with five cents coins can effectively remove shoes smell The
So that consumers make cheap Men Shoes manufacturers to go farther, and those who preoccupied with the Men Shoes manufacturer is not on the big table.
So that customers take advantage of more partners, eat their own small loss of the manufacturers is very smart, Men Shoes manufacturer's vision is not limited to the immediate benefits of small benefits for their own future development carefully planned. They know that for the partners to make more contributions, as much as possible to protect the interests of consumers in order to get a greater victory.
In this case manufacturers seem to have lost some of the material and monetary benefits, but it is so often can be harvested to customers and partners Thanksgiving and trust. The value of trust is immeasurable, Men Shoes manufacturers single-handedly can not create value, and only the strong support of consumers can only promote the development of better manufacturers.
From the point of view of money and material as Men Shoes manufacturers are eating a little loss, but from the perspective of cooperation and development but accounted for a big cheap. Is the so-called loss is a blessing, so that consumers earn cheap we will be able to go further.