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Professional Men Shoes Care Of The Top Ten Procedures!

Professional Men Shoes care of the top ten procedures!
Real Men Shoes care is not the kind of street shoes that rub - stretched out a foot, a rag in the above rub to wipe. Professional Men Shoes care is patient and meticulous, with smooth Men Shoes, for example, 10 procedures are essential.
1, clean men's soles, Men Shoes side. With a special leather clean water, because men can not water, and special clean water can make the leather does not fade, not yellow.
2, clean male shoes seam, male upper. At this time to use detergent, can not use a toothbrush, toothbrush bristles will scratch the cortex. After the past with a paste, use a towel to clean the residue.
3, on the Men Shoes oil. Professional use is often a solid male shoe polish, so that oil is heavier. If the Men Shoes hit the uneven, there will be different brightness.
4, drying. Finished a Men Shoes after it put it into the disinfection box bake 3 minutes, the temperature at 50-70 ℃ or so, the disinfection box of hot air to make oil can be better to melt into the leather inside. If the male shoes are too dirty, to use a few times to remove the paste, so you have to first dry and then oil, because the detergent is also containing water.
5, large brush polished. The excess oil evenly, gloss out on the. And then towel the leather surface of the oil polished, until the white paper rub on the Men Shoes will not be dirty.
6, on the Men Shoes milk Men's creamy oighter, more moisturizing cortex. And then bake for three minutes. And then polished with a large brush.
7, on the Men Shoes wax. Men Shoes, men have to take care of the upper. Men Shoes are liquid, so that the cortex is more glossy. After finishing the Men Shoes still dry, brush polished, the liquid Men Shoes wax evenly.
8, with water-based Men Shoes dipped in clean water to clean the Men Shoes inside.
9, drying. This time the drying is somewhat different from the front, because the male shoes inside is wet, use male shoes to hold up the Men Shoes bake up, 50 ℃ on it. The temperature is too high is easy to make men shoes degumming. 10-15 minutes can be.
10, disinfection. Bake directly after the direct disinfection, take 30 to 40 minutes.
Wenzhou Men Shoes history is not short, there are 2000 years, but the real start is after the reform and opening up. When the men's shoe factory is a family workshop, before the shop after the workshop, the number of small, and Men Shoes are handmade, a person 8 hours a day to do one or two pairs of Men Shoes, Men Shoes only four or five, and now There are more than 280 processes. In contrast, the current system is not only quite refined shoes, and now the Wenzhou Men Shoes pay more attention to the construction of Men Shoes, "men do shoes to be a culture" to become the consensus of Wenzhou Men Shoes business entrepreneurs. Today, there are many men in Wenzhou, a few million dollars or tens of millions of dollars to build Men Shoes and cultural projects in the country also unique. Such as the Red Dragonfly Group invested heavily to build China's first Chinese Men Shoes cultural exhibition hall, and later built the Chinese Men Shoes culture museum; Kangnai Group also Men Shoes culture masterpiece, in the country to carry out Men Shoes culture tour; There are their own Men Shoes Museum ... ... Wenzhou, many Men Shoes have a special corporate culture, professional staff responsible for the promotion of Men Shoes culture.
 More Wenzhou Men Shoes have entered the "moral management" stage, its positive commitment to social responsibility, donation of social welfare undertakings on the performance is particularly prominent. Kangnai Group has to charity, hope engineering, social welfare and poverty alleviation and other public welfare projects donated tens of millions of dollars.