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Resolution Of Casual Shoes

1. must be measured to try, do not use the shoe size before deductions, foot size changes.

2. don't let size numbers puzzle, whether United Kingdom size or size, continental United States (men and women), size the size of the subject standard and design of the shoe factory, which had better try a few more are close to the size

3. evening shoes! At night, one foot slightly swollen, like walking in the mountains.

4. slowly try and not too eager to make a decision. Two and a half days to buy a good pair of shoes, try a different brand of shoes as much as possible.

5. bring your own socks, it is best used with climbing shoes socks

6. after tie shoelaces, active toe can touch the front wall, new shoes after a long time, may slightly increase the width and thickness, but will never increase the length too short shoes tend to hit the toe and nail polish

7. When you try wearing shoes for a walk, on the one hand and new leather shoes or more flexible, on the one hand can also test whether a imperceptible uncomfortable

8. buy shoes that fit application, but don't want a pair of shoes to cover all uses. Do not, for one particularly special trips to buy a pair of shoes.

9. hold foot feeling, pick one of the most comfortable, with all the shoes that double standard to try, only one person knows which shoes are best for you, yourself.

10, shoe heel height to the right. 2~3 cm of the arch and the heel is more reasonable. Before it can make the hips, and tightening of the abdomen, chest up, make people look tall and vibrant. Flat shoes cause a person's Center of gravity was too far back, hit with the heel while walking, vibration can reach the brain. High heel makes the toes, metatarsal hard to increase and squeeze, ankle, knee stress increases, waist, abdomen front is to keep your balance, easily lead to spinal, hip muscle and ligament strain.

11, the tightness of the shoe should be appropriate. Too tight shoes can crushed foot, formation of hallux valgus foot corns, calluses at the end of it. Loose shoes will lead not to the left, plantar too hard, wear and pain. In General, the shoes do not fit the instep, shoes have about a thumb space now, to have some wiggle room for swing and that is not, does not feel the friction between the heel and upper. Also, everyone's foot size is not the same when I try on shoes to feet comfort-oriented, be sure to stand up and walk a few steps to see two shoes are left. Worthy of attention of parents is, do not let the children through the tight shoes, otherwise it will make the child's toes were squashed result in abnormal growth. Leave a little space for children to buy shoes to feet to change shoes when she grows up.

12, shoe materials should pay attention to ventilation. Breathable material not to cover their feet, not only comfortable, but also not easy to get athlete's foot. Some shoe ventilation is poor, especially the sole, though very strong, feet on the inside is like a sauna. A good pair of shoes is far more important than a BMW from the Knights.  For a man who stood more than 9 hours a day, feet are the hardest, configure a comfortable pair of shoes, however. 13, the elderly person for shoes. Hand unable to tie the elderly lose flexibility, you should pay attention to line of shoes with elastic band. And the acquisition of long shoe horn, the elderly don't have to bend over to pull on the heel. If there are elderly of foot pain injury, the best custom-made shoes, with specially made polyethylene foam shoe molding can relieve pain, prevent injury; heel spur of the elderly, can be completed with the heel cavity insoles, bone spur around the pressure relief, pain relief.