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Selection Of Shoes Material

Selection of Shoes Material

The Shoes Material is mainly used for the material of the whole material face leather, the modified face leather and the cutting layer leather, etc. The whole grain upper leather is a tanning system, which retains all the upper layers of the upper leather, also known as the total layer leather. The modified face leather is the upper leather of the upper part of the upper part of the upper body. The skin of the split layer refers to the first or second layer of leather obtained by tanning. About 50% of the Shoes Material sold in the market before the month is made of all-material surface leather or modified face leather, 50% of which is made of the cutting layer leather. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of the country's environmental requirements, the Shoes Material will be made of super fiber fabrics.

The sole material of shoes is made of rubber and polymeric materials. Rubber is a rubber that is synthesized by vulcanization; Polyurethane (PU) or polyethylene (PE) materials are used to make shoes. At present, 80% of the Shoes Materials sold in the market are made of polyurethane (PU) materials, and the rubber material is used as the sole to make up 20% of the shoe. Although made of polyurethane material has the characteristics of light, wear-resisting, but due to its service life is only two years and fracture shortcomings, such as hydrolysis, causing consumers began to favor has advantages of good chemical stability, wear-resisting, long shelf life of the rubber soles Shoes Material. In recent years, the demand of rubber soles has been increasing.

Outlook of Shoes Material industry

Since the 1990 s, the international well-known safety protective equipment production companies began production and sales of various models of Shoes Materials in our country, such as Japan's green security, France, Ryan, dyer tower, etc. These foreign brand products on the one hand enrich the varieties of Chinese shoes, and on the other hand promote the development of Chinese shoes industry. But China's Shoes Material industry is still a weak industry, compared with the developed countries, there is a considerable gap. The main products are monotonous product varieties, low technology content, uneven quality, slow updating, unlicensed products, etc.

During the 12th five-year plan period, the state will further strengthen the work of occupational health and safety, and the safety awareness of workers will be gradually improved. Labor protection products include the promising prospects for the development of shoes and materials industry. During the 12th five-year plan period, the total demand of Chinese Shoes Material will reach 1 million and the Shoes Material industry will enter a stage of rapid development.

Scale development

China is a big producer of shoes, and exports more than 200 million pairs of shoes to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries every year. According to statistics, 83 percent of the Shoes Material in the U.S. market is imported from our country. Though the country has got the production license of industrial products of material production has more than 200 enterprises, the annual production of more than 1 million double enterprise is less than 10%, most enterprises are small and medium enterprises, and part is the family workshop. Even in the same shoe industry cluster, the concentration of industry is low, resulting in uneven production capacity among enterprises.

Shoes Material enterprise to survival and development, to is in the invincible position in the international and domestic market, and must improve their own competitiveness, will be dispersed, financial and material resources, the resources of the large-scale, collectivization direction. Every industrial concentration zone formed to a large shoe enterprises, resource optimization combination, expand the scale of production and management pattern, increase investment in science and technology, strengthen the brand construction, make the Shoes Materials industry to achieve healthy and rapid development of our country.

Improve automation

Material production enterprise in our country mostly in Shanghai, wenzhou, zhejiang, Ryan, yangzhou, jiangsu province, Yang, shandong gaomi, dongguan, guangdong province and other regions, although these Shoes Material industrial concentration zone emerge a batch of annual output of more than 1 million pairs of enterprises, but most are small and medium-sized enterprises, the small and medium-sized enterprises, the old mode of production, the money is weak, small production scale, low degree of mechanization automation, low, low quality, low efficiency of production and operation status.

Shoes Material enterprises should according to the requirement of the modern industry development, change the current situation of enterprise rely on a large number of personnel engaged in the production, actively explore to improve production process, improve the level of enterprise automation, mechanization and manual for automatic and manual for mechanical. In this way, it can improve the quality and quantity of shoes, reduce the pressure of labor cost, and solve the problem of occupational hazards in the production environment. Although the work in the early stage of the enterprise increases, but in the long term, the investment early benefits early, this is the company's long-term development path.