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Share The Canvas Material Maintenance Method

Share the Canvas Material maintenance method

  Canvas Material through the use of textile fabrics in the design to improve the angle in a variety of climbing angle in the stability of the effect, improve the mechanical bearing during the launch of high cleaning efficiency and improve the high temperature of the program in the case of sulfuric acid melting , Improved in the cleaning process of stains clean clean effects.

  The first point: to prevent discoloration function: Canvas Material due to the sun in the exposure process, to use paper towels for packaging, so as to reduce the sun's exposure to yellowing phenomenon, strengthen the use of long-term resistance to the new process.

  The second point: resistance to radiation function: due to the fabric in the strong resistance to the structure, resistance in the process of large-scale mechanical launch of the phenomenon of radiation, improve the skin whitening effect, reducing the skin irritation serious The phenomenon.

  The third point: strong effect: through the use of the structure of the textile line to show the beautiful and generous effect, saving the use of maintenance in the strong resistance to the characteristics of the steps in the construction process to reduce the elegant and generous effect sense.

  Canvas Material for the structure of the fabric used in the process, has presented a variety of design style exquisite and durable advantages of the process, then for the simple and personalized design and use of a variety of exquisite textile fabrics, led to the Our daily life is used in a wide variety of textile products, below, let's take a look!

   1 beautiful craft bag design

   In different styles or colors of the fabric process manufacturing process, can improve a variety of personality requirements of the fabric of the durability of the function, as in the hand-washing process of friction or poor design features, driven by the personalized The use of the fashion trend of the exquisite performance and the resistance of the process.

   2 high-end product design

    Canvas Material After the design of the use of clothing, led to the elegant style of clothing wearing a box, effectively became a romantic beach in the summer travel in the use of the trend of the trend of beauty, showing a variety of textile fabrics used In the use of strong resistance and beautiful design lines of high quality technology.

   3 cleaning should not fade

   In the process of high temperature water pressure cleaning should not occur in the process of fading phenomenon, for the personalized design of the main points in the function of the filter system to improve the use of natural woven bag stability of the advantages of the process, fully dissolved in the textile Items in the stains clean high efficiency features.

Through the necessary performance of the fabric to the soft, the design of a variety of daily necessities, showing a variety of styles designed to feel smooth and colorful features, to meet the needs of students in the use of backpacks in the process of hand exquisite And the color of the color density is thin enough points.

  The first point: the unique design of the high-grade Canvas Material material, according to the soft texture of the fabric in the tailoring function, played a durable use of the points, can withstand the use of gravity books in the material resistance to the advantages of the process , Can prevent the phenomenon of broken lines appear.

    The second point: should not appear loose lines: Canvas Material according to the use of the structure to withstand the high line function structure to prevent the rough area is too high phenomenon, showing a variety of effects of independent design structure in the thickness of the main points , To prevent the occurrence of fake and shoddy products in the long-term use, improve the use of a firm degree.