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Shoes Are What Type

1. basketball shoes: as the basketball action of vertical jump and move around more, end of basketball shoes are usually solid structure, superior cushioning performance, sole pattern provides of water stops, starts and turns of friction; followed by a flat, wide forefoot with deep curved grooves greatly enhances the contact with the ground. Basketball shoe upper with synthetic leather or leather to make it stronger and more in the design, and ankle protection.

2. tennis shoes: tennis is a sport that requires feet move fast in all directions, and special high risk foot movement, so the tennis shoe design emphasis will be focused on two feet on either side of the fixed effects, and forefoot resistance of the tip at the bottom. Soles are relatively wide and relatively flat, there is a sense of stability. Uppers of leather or leather and nylon mesh use is more widespread, it can make men's shoes more foot hold, shock absorption and cushioning. Soles are generally skid marks of water, improving the speed and effectiveness of horizontal movement.

3. Soccer Shoes: sole with rubber studs, uppers are made of kangaroo leather or synthetic leather. Kangaroo leather second skin like athletes, so the ball has a good touch, light and durable. Enhanced contact with the ball, the control, direction and accuracy, ensure the shoes excellent grip.

4. running shoes: sole with soft sandwich, which is a layer of soft cushioning with the clip out soles and uppers material between, which is the most important part of running shoes, because of its structure and materials used will affect the cushioning and stability shoes. Most running shoes, followed by part two, increase runs from the heel to the forefoot during this process more efficient. Tip before parts of the shoe has a larger space in order to guarantee the full stretch feet inside shoes. In the heel part of shoes has a Groove on the top edge, it is used to protect the Achilles tendon, making it safer and more comfortable. Web material of the upper is composed of light and made of synthetic material with good breathability. Diamond particles or carbon rubber outsole for increased foot stability, make jogging more comfortable.

5. the integrated training shoes: exterior similarities and running shoes, but it differs from running shoes. Forefoot and heel are very big, has a strong adaptability to meet your training needs. Uppers are usually made of synthetic leather and lightweight mesh material, commonly used molded EVA midsole made of size similar to basketball shoes, rubber outsole uses no imprinting.

6. outdoor shoes: rough solid structure, resistance to abrasion, strong protection. General of field movement cold warm is key, so more used texture excellent of mill sand leather or hard nylon canvas do upper, in the end of most used has buffer and promoted function of design, outside end of most with car tire rubber, has larger of tire shaped pattern or particles, thus anti-sliding performance good, caught to sex high, in not flat of road Shang can effective to prevent on feet of hurt. In order to adapt to the changeable outdoor sporting venues, outdoor shoes have a subdivision design, such as river shoes specifically for water sports, it tends to drain function Sport Sandals, more inclined thick; hiking shoes, are more inclined to protect the feet of function also combines a variety of motor function of the off-road shoe.

Also, function sex men sneakers General are in shoes body corresponding parts mark its using of technology name, to reflected its special of function; do don't casually wear a double General of sneakers on began do fierce movement, so as not to caused permanent hurt; generally, function sex sneakers wearing 6 months on need replaced has, best prepared two double above sneakers, to every day replaced, such, can let it play effect one years above.