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Shoes Material Problem And Treatment Method In Shoe Making Process

Shoes Material problem and treatment method in shoe making process

1. How can I reduce the color of the bottom?

The dermis will be discolored in humid and heated environment, which is not yet solved. People with easy to get sweat can choose the method: wear dark socks; Choose the shoes in the PU interior; Or the next day.

2. The leather shoes will slip when worn and how to prevent them?

Leather shoes are characterized by good ventilation, good comfort and good texture, which is one of the important features of high-end shoes. But real leather is not wear-resisting and afraid of water. If you want to improve its wear resistance, can be in before wearing to professional machine repair shoes, rubber soles on the sole of the shoe cover, that will better, such not only prevent slippery, can also increase the wear life of shoes. It's just that you lose the meaning of the dermis.

Why are there so many light shoes with black heels?

The shoe's design philosophy dictates that the heel is dark, and this design philosophy is sometimes followed by fashion trends. Shoes Material This is the season when this concept of design is so popular that there are many brands of shoes with the same style.

4. Why are there little pinholes at the bottom of the cool leather shoes?

Because leather shoes use the pinhole point location method in the manufacturing process, there are small holes. The hole doesn't affect the quality. You can rest assured.

5. Why do light-colored shoes sometimes have small black spots?

Since natural leather needs to be dyed to be able to make the various colors we like, in dyeing process, dyed dark will hide the original color spot. The light color is not suitable to cover, Shoes Material this is the whole natural leather, the small black spot is the color spot on the leather.

6. Shoes Material Some moulded bottom colors are also rubbed off with erasers. What's the matter?

Because it is in making the bottom of the molding, the color is attached to the top, rather than after the sole is formed after being colored, normal under the condition that is not discolored.

7. There is a hole in the bottom of the molding. The customer's suspicion is the quality problem. How to explain it?

During the production process, due to the mold relationship, the surface of the molding base will have a small hole like a bubble, which will not be problematic in the process of dressing.

8. The bottom of the sandal is not fastened to the bottom.

The bottom of the sandal is made according to the method made by the state, the bottom of the chamber is wrapped in the bottom of the bottom, and then through the high temperature + shoe special glue to make it, so you can feel comfortable wearing it.

Does the film of shoes crack?

Shoes Material The film that USES on shoe is specially tested special Shoes Material, in the circumstance of normal wear is not cracked, can rest assured wearing. Our shoes are of good quality. If there is a problem, we will deal with the "three bags" of the city. You can rest assured.

10. Shoes Material What do you do when the shoes with the film are stained yellow? What if I don't clean up?

The shoe that has film adornment is more fashionable concept, the shoe that compares real leather material to decorate is more characteristic and individual character. But it does turn yellow, and so far, the problem has not been well solved. So emphasize the selling points of fashion and individuality, and suggest that guests should pay more attention when they dress, and pay attention to the maintenance when they are not wearing.

11. Resistant to molding? What happens when you grind it away?

The bottom of the forming is anti - resistant and wearing very comfortable, this kind of sole quality is good. Depending on how you dress, the heel is less worn, and if there is a problem, you can take your shoes to a shoe-store and let them handle it for you.