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The Development Trend Of Safety Protection Women Shoes

The development trend of safety protection Women Shoes

In order to ensure the product quality of safety protection for Women Shoes, according to the 2005 "industrial products production license of the People's Republic of China management ordinance (state council order no. 440), our country implement special labor protection articles for safety Women Shoes production license management system and regulations in the domestic production and safety protection for Women Shoes must achieve industrial products production license. As of the end of February, 2011, there were 239 safety protection women's shoe manufacturers in China

As the country's emphasis on occupational health and safety work laborer of awareness of production safety, safety Women Shoes and so on is more and more big, the demand for labor protection articles users for a variety of security protection for Women Shoes, the quality requirements also more and more high, these factors have greatly promoted the development of the security protection for Women Shoes industry in China.

The Women Shoes of the safety protection Women Shoes are mainly used for the whole material, the modified face leather and the cutting leather, etc. The all-grain upper leather is the leather upper leather that is tanned, which retains the whole grain layer. The modified facial leather is the women's upper leather which is made from tanning and has been polished by mechanical polishing. The skin of the split layer refers to the first or second layer of leather obtained by tanning. About 50% of the safety protection Women Shoes sold in the market before the end of the month are made of full-face leather or modified face leather. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of environmental requirements, the Women Shoes of safety protection Women Shoes will be made of super fiber fabrics.

Female sole material for safety protection Women Shoes is made of rubber and polymer materials. Rubber is a rubber that is synthesized by vulcanization; Polyurethane (PU) or polyethylene (polyethylene) materials are used to make Women Shoes. At present, 80% of the safety protection Women Shoes sold in the market are made of polyurethane (PU) materials for women's soles and 20% of the safety Women Shoes using rubber materials as female soles. While using polyurethane materials safety Women Shoes has many characteristics, such as light, wear-resisting, but due to its only 2 years service life and easy fracture shortcomings, such as hydrolysis, causing consumers began to favor has advantages of good chemical stability, wear-resisting, long shelf life of the rubber soles safety protection for Women Shoes. In recent years, the demand of rubber sole safety protection Women Shoes is on the rise.

China is a major manufacturer of safety protection Women Shoes, and exports more than 200 million pairs of safety protection Women Shoes to Europe, the United States and Japan every year. According to statistics, 83 percent of safe Women Shoes in the U.S. market are imported from China. Though the country has got the production license of industrial products of safety Women Shoes production enterprise has more than 200, but production enterprise is less than 10% of more than 1 million pairs, most enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and part is the family workshop. Even in the industrial agglomeration area of the same safety protection women's shoe industry, the concentration of industry is low, resulting in uneven production capacity among enterprises.

Safety Women Shoes enterprises to survival and development, to is in the invincible position in the international and domestic market, and must improve their own competition ability, will be dispersed, financial and material resources, the resources of the large-scale, collectivization direction. Every industrial concentration zone formed to a large safety Women Shoes enterprises, resource optimization combination, expand the scale of production and management pattern, increase investment in science and technology, strengthen the brand construction, make the safety Women Shoes industry in China to achieve healthy and rapid development.