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The Distinction Between The Jeans Material

The distinction between the Jeans Material
How to identify the Jeans Material. Many people do not do clothing production is not very clear, I will introduce some of the following, I hope to help everyone.
    Because the Jeans Material material identification, we can say that we identify the Jeans Material fabric, the most difficult one off. In order to achieve this expertise, its practice is often more theoretical, and now jeans materials every day in innovation, new fabrics kept out, and then experienced people, must continue to contact new things, to Improve their ability to identify. There are many friends asked me how to learn as soon as possible to see the Jeans Material, I think as long as the method properly, and there are professional advice, it will not be a very difficult thing, at least about how to determine the quality of fabric can do To the. My personal proposal is that we run around the world famous cowboy brand and domestic first-line denim brand stores, although not all of the above brand fabric is very good, but most still very good. As long as more to see, more comparison, intentions to see, the intention of comparison, I believe, see more, everyone's eyes will be more and more skilled. Do not look at high-quality things, every day only staring at the wholesale market on the road goods, I think you do this line in eight years and eight years, your professional level will not be any improvement. Many friends because the cowboy do not understand, to see the well-known denim brand style to do more simple, subjective assumptions that those brands are not good quality, ugly, in fact, is a very ignorant of a performance. Really high-end high-quality jeans, but it happens to look like those who look very simple, but the fabric and version of the type is not vague jeans. And other consumers really understand the "jeans more simple the better" the meaning of these words, but also really recognize these words, I think, you understand the pair of jeans has reached a new realm.
1, eye view. Some friends may have this experience, with some familiar jeans material friends run the market, they usually sweep a lot of fabrics after no interest to look at the occasional discovery of a fabric may show great interest. You ask them why they glance to know good or bad, they usually explain their own, this feeling is the eye. It is like practicing, some things, you see more, one can sweep out about a. So in the market, we can not take the jeans to find a special body to do the authority of the scientific testing, so this long-term experience accumulated eye is very important. Good eyesight, all in the individual professional standards, like a football player, the door of the skill, all from the usual training level. Good jeans fabric, the cloth style must be very refreshing, clear lines, in the water, especially to do the hand rub the place, we can see the difference to. Open the bottom cloth to see the weft, but also the lines clear, uniform lines, not too much black spots and other flying into the impurities, yarn color white with yellow (the kind of white flowers with reflective must be adulterated chemical fiber ), If done nostalgia, the bottom of the weft will show yellow, this is normal. Jeans material must look at the effect of washing, outside those big road goods, why only love to do embroidery beads in these things, and not dare to play in the water to play a little more complex, in fact, is afraid of a wash, the fabric of its poor nature revealed Came out, but unfortunately many consumers do not know the goods that this pair of jeans is very fashionable. A little familiar with the jeans material friends know that poor fabrics, a water wash, especially after the feeling of water, really miserable. And good fabric, whether it is to do a simple wash or complex washing, that high-end feeling, that is, people put it down.
2, hand touch. Hand touch is mainly by hand to feel the fabric of the body and texture. Usually see many consumers love to pinch their fingers with the fingers, in fact, light is not scientific to do so, should be covered with the whole palm on the jeans, repeatedly sliding up and down, you can more deeply feel the fabric of the body. Many consumers think that the more soft the better jeans material, in fact, is not scientific. Jeans material soft and hard, in addition to the fabric with the style of organization (the closer the organization will feel thicker), the yarn characteristics (yarn twist big feel on the rough, cotton yarn and blended yarn feel is not the same) The process will usually play a significant role in the softness of the jeans material, such as adding softener, liquid ammonia treatment, etc., will affect the fabric feel. In general, the jeans material should be based on their own natural characteristics to achieve personal style, if the excessive dependence on chemical treatment to achieve the effect of soft, in fact, the texture of the fabric is not much positive impact.