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The Golden Rule Of Women Shoes

The golden rule of Women Shoes
Women in addition to buy clothes, I think the most favorite to buy should also have Women Shoes. Saying "no Women Shoes, poor half", and now the social life content and lifestyle have changed, the attitude of the Women Shoes are quietly changing. When the mood is low, a pair of new Women Shoes can make you swept away. Women Shoes is not in the Women Shoes, but in the full. Remember the following ten "golden" rule, you will never wear the wrong Women Shoes.
1, if you can not wear it to walk, no matter how much you love it, do not take it home. Stepping on the fine, trembling with the knee is not an elegant thing to walk.
2, in the black Women Shoes have been bold to try bright color, starting from the beige, khaki entry, and then to the soft color, such as crayons, and finally to a neon color, through the Women Shoes to enhance the overall image. But the best choice for red dress with low-key Women Shoes Oh
3, if you choose a visual effect of the grand clothes, then the Women Shoes will be a little soft. If your clothes are relatively low-key, then the best Women Shoes to pick a little, so you can make you feel excited.
4, for different occasions to choose the right Women Shoes, you can not be sexy in the evening dress to wear double casual flat heels, you can not use open sandals with a conservative set. If you really do not know how to match, then choose a double black Baotou high heels.
5, outdoor activities refused to fine with high heels. Because such Women Shoes will make you hurt, while Women Shoes will be injured. Flat heels is the best choice, but if you want to a little higher effect, slope heels is also a good choice.
6, fine with high-heeled sandals can make you a sexy stunner. If you want to be more personal, you can choose those Women Shoes in the heels on the big Women Shoes.
7, the evening is dazzling Women Shoes come and out of the best time, work during the day, it is best to wear Baotou or fish mouth Women Shoes it.
8, when you wear high heels, the length of the skirt is best from the knee one inch. If you choose the miniskirt, then it is recommended that you still wear flat heels or heels, so that will not reveal too many legs, it seems only a sense of visual balance.
9, pay attention with the visual balance. Thick Women Shoes and more complicated with the clothing, you can through some of the details of the delicate and delicate so that the whole does not seem too procrastination. When you wear a slim coat, tie sandals is the best partner.
10, each Women Shoes to have three kinds of Women Shoes, that is, heels, high heels, flat Women Shoes or wedge Women Shoes. Do not wear a flat Women Shoes because of tall, do not wear long heels because of the short, for women, it is important that you are changing.
As long as the Women Shoes into the same thing! "Whenever we go home to play home to rest, a take off Women Shoes, the Women Shoes of the flavors will be nostrils, so that the whole person is not good! Friends will put the Women Shoes in the house, so as to isolate the smell of Women Shoes, but also to the Women Shoes of the smell automatically emerge out, send sister to tell you, as long as the Women Shoes into something, you can destroy this smell Oh!
Tea fragrance has always been to remove the smell of the function, very friends eat ginger and garlic and other smell of food, will immediately chew a few slices of tea to solve, than chewing gum is more healthy, with tea to remove Women Shoes In the smell is more than enough, the tea bag placed in the Women Shoes one night, the next day the smell of Women Shoes also disappeared. White wine
The smell of wine is well known, especially the Erguotou, is called the altar can drink drunk cattle wine, liquor can not only greet the men, but also in the kitchen cooking items, liquor is to remove the Women Shoes In the smell of the best choice, as long as the inside and outside the Women Shoes evenly sprayed white wine, Women Shoes dry, only wine fragrance.