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The Similarities And Differences Of Dyeing And Printing Of Special Material

The Similarities and Differences of Dyeing and Printing of Special Material
Printing is a local dyeing, dyeing most of the dye can also be used for printing, the two have similarities and differences.

    A common point of dyeing and printing
    Dyeing and Printing When using the same type of dye, the chemical and chemical properties of the chemical adjuvant used are similar. Application of dye dyeing, fixing principle is also similar. Dye on the fiber should also have the fabric in the use of the process should have the color fastness.

    The difference between dyeing and printing
    1. Special Material, dyeing solution is generally not thickening paste or only a small amount of paste; printing paste are generally added more thickening of the paste to prevent the pattern of osmosis caused by unclear or pattern Distortion, and dye drying after printing.
    2. Special Material, the general concentration of dyeing solution is not high, easy to dissolve the dye, generally do not add solvent; printing paste dye concentration is often high, and because of the addition of more paste, it will be difficult to dissolve the dye, so often To add more cosolvents such as urea, alcohol, dissolved salt B and so on.
    3. Special Material when dyeing (especially dip) fabric in the dye has a long role in the time, which makes the dye can be more fully spread, penetrate into the fiber to complete the dyeing process; After adding the paste to the film, the polymer film affects the diffusion of the dye into the fiber, which must be followed by the steaming, baking and other means to improve the diffusion rate of the dye to help the dye stained with the fiber.
    4. Special Material Dyeing and printing have a common requirement for a certain type of dye, but may also have special requirements. Sometimes a dye can be used for printing can also be used for dyeing, but sometimes the same type or even a certain kind of dye, but can only be used for dyeing can not be used for printing, and sometimes there are cases of the contrary.
    5. Special Material are rarely dyed with two different types of dyes (except for blended fabrics), while printing often use different types of dyes common printing, and even with the pulp printing. Coupled with anti-dye printing, discharge printing, etc., the process is more complex.
 First, printing paste
    Special Material used in printing the original paste is used in accordance with the printing dye and the use of printing process to select the original paste has a certain viscosity and rheology, its main role is to overcome the dye osmosis phenomenon in order to get a clear pattern. At present, the reactive dyes used in the paste mainly with sodium alginate made of the original paste, and paint printing is the use of synthetic thickener.
    Second, printing paste
    Special Material will be added to the original paste to the original paste with a certain viscosity of the paste called paste. In addition to dyes and grass paste in the color paste, according to the need to add additives, moisture and other necessary chemicals. So that the dye can be conducive to the dye in the good from the color paste to the fiber transfer, diffusion, so that the dye into the fiber and thus stained in the fabric. After the steamed fabric is not fixed on the dye (commonly known as floating color), paste and other chemical residues can be removed in the washing process from the fabric.