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What Are The Characteristics Of Leather Men Shoes?

What are the characteristics of leather Men Shoes?
Leather Men Shoes is a kind of their own can automatically breathe and take the foot of the soles of the soles of the soles, breathable, and not boring feet, can automatically release the absorption of sweat to keep the feet dry. Leather Men Shoes to leather-based, higher prices. Its advantages are easy to shape, the same type, fit, good elasticity, can reduce the impact and not easy fatigue, ventilation, absorption of moisture, etc., while easy processing, type easy to show beauty. Hard texture is not easy to be pierced, but by water, oil soaked after easy to warp deformation or rot.
  Its main features:
  1) have a good thermal insulation to ensure that the feet in the men's shoes within the appropriate temperature
  2) light weight, weight per square centimeter in the 0.95 ~ 1.05 grams, just the same as the water density. Can be waterproof and in the men's shoes no longer wet when the release of moisture, to ensure that men's shoes in a comfortable state.
  3) Unique three-dimensional fiber structure, male soles at 180 degrees bending without breaking. Can quickly adapt to the foot shape, can effectively support the impact of the ground, than the same thickness of other materials Men Shoes more effective to protect the foot.
About PU, TPR, PVC, RUBBER and other identification methods. Can be identified from the following aspects.
  1, PU is the most light and most weary, of course, the price is the most expensive, PU material of the Men Shoes very good to recognize, take in the hands of very light, male soles on the back of the hole are round.
  2, TPR material Men Shoes elasticity than PVC is better, the Men Shoes of the neck holding the natural fall, if it can play up is TPR.
  3, PVC material of the Men Shoes in the hands of the heavier than the TPR. PVC material of the Men Shoes than the TPR to be cheaper, but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it is easy to break the end. PVC material of the Men Shoes have a characteristic is no injection hole, with the nose will smell the smell. If the length of stay long white things.
  4, TR Men Shoes of the surface is very bright, than the general TPR Men Shoes to be harder. TR injection hole than the TPR, injection hole is very special.
  5, in weight: RUBBER (rubber) the most important, PU, EVA the lightest.
  6, the material: PU expensive, EVA, TPR moderate, PVC the cheapest.
  7, the process: TPR to do is to have been formed, and PVC to be processed, ABS is generally high-heeled men's shoes, expensive and hard.
  8, the application: PVC used in the lining or non-weight parts, Men Shoes or manufacturing children's shoes; PU leather can be applied to the fabric of men's shoes or bear the weight of the site. In the bag, the more suitable for the PVC leather. This is because the items in the bag are different from those worn in the men's shoes, do not distribute the heat and do not bear the weight of the human body.
  PU, PVC difference: Men Shoes the difference between the two materials is relatively easy, from the corner to see PU at the end of cloth than PVC thick. Feel also have a difference, PU feel soft, Men Shoes PVC feel more hard, you can also use the fire to burn, PU taste than the taste of PVC to light a lot.