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What Are The Special Material? How Much Do You Know?

What are the Special Material? How much do you know?

How can you not know a Special Material if you are doing a Special Material business? What do you know about Special Material?

Fabrics: mainly leather, synthetic leather, textile, rubber and plastic. The leather shoes are made of tanned cattle, pig, suede and leather, and synthetic leather. High grade shoes also use crocodile skin, snake skin, chicken claw. Cloth shoes and rubber shoes choose strong, more wear-resisting, heat preservation, hygroscopicity good cotton cloth and cloth, such as kampot, velveteen, on-line, corduroy, canvas and gabardine, fancy suiting, admiralty cloth, cloth, etc. Synthetic resin and natural rubber are the main materials for plastic shoes and rubber shoes.

Material: mainly cotton, mountain (cotton) sheepskin, cotton wool, felt, artificial wool, elastic and so on. The rear half of shoe shoe is more soft mountain, sheep leather, the first half canvas; In the shoe of cloth shoe most USES natural color white cloth or bleach cloth; All rubber shoes are made of fine canvas. Winter anti-cold shoes are made of felt or tanned fur. Cotton boots (shoes) are usually made of cotton and then used in a layer of cotton cloth, Special Material which can also be made of felt or elastic. There are also some of the shoes that are made of resin foam composite or artificial hair.

Base material: there are hard leather, soft leather, imitation leather, cloth, rubber, plastic, rubber and rubber foaming materials. Hard leather is made of cow and pig skin, mostly used in leather shoes, small amount to make leather shoes. Also, leather shoes are widely used in imitation leather. Cloth is the main material of traditional cloth shoe bottom. With old cloth as raw material processed into GeBei flocculant or fill into bottom slab, with hemp rope by hand or machine into cotton or wool. Plastics are mainly polyvinyl chloride resin, Special Material mostly used in plastic shoes and cloth shoes. Rubber with natural rubber and synthetic rubber for rubber shoes and cloth shoes. Soft leather is made of artificial leather and natural leather, and is used for cloth slippers and soft sole cloth shoes. Rubber and rubber foamed materials are used in leather shoes and cloth shoes.

Accessories: mainly shoes eyes (circle, brazing), shoelaces, elastic cloth, nylon buckles, zippers, silk, cotton, hemp stitches (rope), studs, rivets, non-woven fabric, cardboard, leather used as puff and Lord with, all kinds of ornaments, supports, adhesives, and paste, etc.

(1) wear-resistant rubber: Special Material wear-resistant rubber and toughness are very good, so it is very durable. This rubber material is generally used on the base of tennis shoes.

(2) environmental rubber: Special Material also known as recycled rubber, this rubber base contains up to 10% of the recycled rubber, mainly for environmental protection.

(3) air rubber: rubber contains air, which has a certain damping function, but it is not very wear-resistant and is not widely used.

(4) viscous rubber: Special Material the viscous rubber is characterized by good flexibility, and is very anti-skid, which is generally used in indoor sports shoes.

(5) hard rubber: Special Material hard rubber is the most comprehensive rubber in the base rubber. It is tough and resistant to skid and wear-resistant. It is also widely used. Multi-functional shoes and basketball shoes are mostly made of this kind of rubber.