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Women's Shoes Is Nowadays Women's Daily Dress With An Indispensable One

Women Shoes Women's shoes, women's daily dress is now an indispensable one. Every woman wants to have a pair of shoes of their own. Beautiful shoes do not fit your pain, bleeding. Only for their feet shoes will not let the feet bleeding. Comfort is the most important

  Recently, the Italian Milan Fashion Institute expert Aldo Premi Morley pointed out that the autumn and winter 2010 to 2011 will be popular simple style, urban style and rural style, the inner romantic style, predicted the next quarter of autumn and winter fashion shoes popular trend.

  First, the classic simple design style

  The next quarter of the simple style will be advocating simple yet thin design. Its color from the 90s of last century classic simple design style, with pure black, pure white and pure gray and with a charming blue and green for decoration; square heel is still this


  The use of soft and old leather materials, soft leather and crocodile skin, tweed and tweed effect of the material, bleaching sets of cotton, printed cotton and metallic leather imitation leather materials.

  Second, the bright color of the city-based rural style and sports village style

  City rustic style and sports village style advocating is the return of honest. The color is inspired by nature, but still have the city elements; leather is bold selection of bright tone, red and orange use to give the maximum brightness; knee boots, ankle boots and knee boots and other styles are worth the wait of.

  Third, retro romantic style

  This style comes from the inner dream. The color of the use of retro color, soft color, for the design of the most elegant shoes, the use of a large number of silver, with copper and bronze to be modified; materials used imitation deerskin and cotton leather, reptile skin and snake skin, Flower style, brocade, metal color fur; style is retro with sandals and no shallow mouth with the shoes, to slender heel and short heel design. And jewelry decorated sandals is the summer romantic style of the typical trend of the typical representative.


  Women's styles and colors are varied. Women's shoes include high heels, ballet shoes, fish mouth shoes, flat heels, low heels, heels,

  High heels, high heels, wedge heels, no heels, loose shoes, boat shoes and so on. It is recommended to choose the right shoes with your clothing, in order to demonstrate your unique charm and fashion style.

  1. flat heels: with the high almost with the ground paste

  2. low heels: with height less than 3.0CM

  3. Heel shoes: with the high 3.0CM-5.0CM

  4. high heels: with the high 5.0CM-8.0CM

  Women Shoes High heels is the favorite of every woman, because the high heels to women's sexy, charming, ladies and other forms show most vividly, in the thin roots for women to bring self-confidence and charm. Looking at the people on the road from person to person, whether it is OL or fashionable women, regardless of age are wearing a pair of beautiful high heels.

  why? Women seem to have a special preference for it, when a woman or a girl when the longing for a pair of high heels, is the expectations of slender body, while high heels like a woman for many years love. High heels is a symbol of a woman, a lot of girls have high heels plot, because it can make girls become strong, confident, beautiful! Women love shoes like a man love smoke, put it down, unable to stop, not a pair of shoes is not suitable for life complete.

  5. high heels: with more than 8.0CM

  6. wedge heel: with the body into the wedge-type and forefoot site connected

  7. No heels: shoes with no heel structure on the soles

  8. Loose shoes: foam before and after the height of more than 50 mm or more

  9. Boat shoes: shoes to the mouth of the slippery mouth when the shoe body bent similar to the ship type