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Women Shoes Selection Tips

Women Shoes selection tips
1, the best in the afternoon to three o'clock or so choose shoes, because the foot at this time will be slightly inflated, if the size of the selected time do not feel small, other days of the day wearing no problem. Standing to try, because standing when the feet will be slightly larger than sitting. Try not only wear into the mirror to look at what to buy, be sure to walk back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability of the shoe and the size is appropriate.
2, try to prepare their own shoes when the clean stockings, easy to test shoes when wearing off (especially the ankle is very tight legs very tight boots), to avoid the tried to appear sweat stains in the embarrassment of stains.
3, about 2/3 of the two feet are not the same big, remember which long which is short, try shoes when the two feet should try. According to the slightly larger feet of the shoes. Can not simply choose the shoes according to the shoes or trust people on behalf of the purchase, we must personally try on, Women Shoes because the last head, style or brand model of different standards, the specific size of the shoes will be different.
4, feet with different seasons will have thermal expansion and contraction, so in the winter to buy summer shoes, you try the appropriate size with the summer may be slightly smaller than that.
5, the ideal size is at least: ten toes in the shoes can be free to move, there is a comfortable pad and a moderate internal space; sole and foot depression at the arc is very fit, ankle and toe touch the shoes ; The forefoot to have some room for action, if the toe to withstand the heel with the toe after the heel can also reach into a finger between the distance, the size just right; heel heel on the surface to be very close to the heel , Women Shoes Walking time can not slip to slip; their feet from the bottom to see the foot and the arc of the arc is consistent, to confirm the foot of the tightness is appropriate.
6, do not because of the end of the end of the temptation of discount or really like the reason to let their feet to accommodate a pair of size of the shoes, small size, even if the dress too long, too large degree of support is also very limited, sometimes the foot scenery may cause corns , Blisters, Women Shoes foot pain, leg pain, back pain and a series of illnesses.
7, if the front of the pair of shoes have your dream design, almost perfect arc, exudes the most fashionable color light, reasonable price ............ you simply love it at first sight. Unfortunately, the material is not good, advise you or choose to pass by it In the context of economic conditions permit, Women Shoes it is recommended that you choose the best leather, leather inside (smooth without sutures), leather skin shoes. Because the leather breathable, sweat absorption and flexibility are good, it is more consistent with your foot shape, do not hold sweat, wear more comfortable, leather, leather can also reduce the sound.
8, check the shoes of the cortex is good or bad, not in the toe on both sides of the shoe side, the best choice when the shoes touch leather on both sides to see if the thickness is uniform.
9, choose soft and flexible soles, can be more evenly distributed impact, buy high heels when the way to buy a half pad can also ease the pressure of the foot. Women Shoes Although the leather with the leather shoes in the first try may be more slippery, but after a few times, the situation is much better. Although the metal heel looks modern eye-catching, but it is really easy to bad, and the possibility of repair is very small.
10, in general, people feel comfortable with is: the higher the heel, the wider the trousers; heel shorter, shorter trousers. So try dwarf or flat shoes, may wish to trousers with a small clip do not narrow look at the effect.
11, choose the color slightly darker than the skin tone of the shoes, will appear tall legs tall tall. And in a few pairs of shoes between the indecisive time, Women Shoes may wish to think: they have bright material, bow decoration, buckle or jump color? Because - these are easy to make the legs look shorter. But the tip and the upper color contrast is very clear, but the foot looks smaller and more delicate.